Way back when I first started in the Papercutting World, I was eager to learn everything! I was trying to run before I could walk – I immediately wanted a piece of everything, to design, to have a website, to be amazing! and to be honest my enthusiasm was through the roof, but in reality, I was causing myself stress and anguish at trying to perfect everything at once! I was a complete and utter novice, sure I had done papercutting before, but never had I tried to do it professionally! I had no idea where to begin! I would recommend starting at the very beginning, learning how to papercut, then cutting other peoples designs, build yourself a following, then begin on your own designs, if you want to.

I learned from an amazing lady called Carla, she has a successful business, and she created some tutorials for designing in the free software Inkscape and Gimp. I now have photoshop and illustrator, but back then Inkscape and Gimp were all I needed. I don’t have the time to create tutorials, and to be fair, I don’t need to as Carla has created some amazing ones. Below are Cala’s YouTube tutorials.

Carla now predominantly does Paper Quilling and has some beautiful designs – check out her facebook page.

Gimp or Inkscape?

Beginners brush tutorial for Gimp, to get you started creating Silhouettes for paper cutting.


GIMP the Basics

Importing an image and using the text too

Heart Tutorial

Creating a heart shape in Inkscape (very basic tutorial for beginners)

Basic Design in Inkscape

How to begin designing paper cuts using Inkscape (very basic)

Half Tone Cuts

How to prepare a photo for a ‘halftone’ cut.


Converting a Photo for Cutting

Convert a standard photo into a cut-able silhouette


Positive & Negative Space

The difference between a positive and negative cut focusing on typography.



Creating Swirls

Learn to create basic swirls and flourishes in Inkscape


Importing, Welding & Outlining

How to import an image into Inkscape, Weld the image with text, and make the image an outline for printing.

Text on a Path

Placing text on a path in Inkscape – this is about as basic as it gets for beginners.

Stars & Flowers in Inkscape

How to create stars and flowers in INKSCAPE – Beginners

Creating Characters in Inkscape

How to create characters in Inkscape

Creating Flowers

Creating quick and easy simple flower shapes in Inkscape (beginners)

I wish you all the luck in the world in your designing, but if it’s not for you rest assured I can always create templates for you, simply visit my Custom Templates Page