Mandala Yin Yang Mug

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  • Original Art Mug
  • High Quality
  • Double-Sided Printing
  • Print from ‘Mandala Yin Yang’

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The Mandala Yin Yang Mug has been made using a high-quality scan of the original Mandala Yin Yang papercut art.

Mugs are perfect for many things, drinking a nice warm mug of coffee on a cold winters morning, storing pens, pencils, and broken paperclips that were too attached too to throw away, what? that’s just me?
How about those people who buy mugs for display use only on a mug tree! Yes! I have one of these people in my family, she makes me laugh with her quirky ways.
Then there’s the art-loving minimalists or the workplace mug thief, those people are the worst! I can guarantee these mugs are not sold anywhere else, so chances of there being 2 in the same office are pretty slim!

Each of our mugs is professionally printed on both sides of the mug, perfect for use in any hand whilst you and onlookers can admire your unique mug.

*Please note: Colours may vary from those displayed due to screen display settings*


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