Gift Vouchers


  • Send directly to the recipient
  • Fully Personalised
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Keep Track
  • Get Notified
  • Total Updates (no need to spend the voucher all at once)!

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Gift vouchers are awesome. They’re perfect for donating to raffles, using as prizes and of course, sending as gifts. The Cara-Lou gift voucher can be used towards the cost of any items on the website including commission pieces.

Once purchased your voucher will be emailed to you within 48 hours to print out yourself at home, with a unique Voucher Code, or you can have it emailed directly to the recipient, with the option of delayed sending. All Gift Vouchers have a 12-month lifespan and can be spent in smaller amounts, with the same discount code updating each time, for example, you have a £100 gift voucher, you spend £30, your voucher code updates to £70 remaining, whilst your code stays the same.

when you buy something that’s worth more than the voucher amount the voucher will be redeemed and payment is required for the remaining balance.

How to use the voucher once purchased:
The Buyer:

  • Select the Style of the gift voucher: Cara-Lou has a default image to use on your gift voucher, alternatively you can upload your own.
  • Input the Recipient’s email and Name: This is where the virtual gift voucher will be sent and who it will be addressed to.
  • Add Your Name: add the name of the gift giver into the “your name” box.
  • Add a personalised Message: add the message you want to send with the gift card to selected recipients
  • Schedule a delivery date: The email that contains the gift card will be sent to the recipient right after the order will be completed. However, users can change the delivery date specifying the day in which they want to send the email.
  • Get Notified: Be notified when the recipient uses their gift card
  • Keep Track: In the “My Account” page you can keep track of all your orders.

The Recipient
How to track the Gift Voucher:

  • Inside the “My Account” page all users can keep track of all the gift cards they own.
    • The gift card balance is only shown to the gift card OWNER. (recipient)
  • In order to display the gift card inside the “My Account dashboard”, users must have made at least one purchase with the gift card code.

Add the code to the checkout section, if the order exceeds the amount on the gift certificate, the balance will be required in full. If the order is less than the voucher, the balance will be carried forward to subsequent purchases.