Gecko Mandala Papercutting Art


  • Size: A4 or A3
  • Finished with a handmade Cara-Lou plaque on the reverse.
  • Certificate of authenticity included.
  • 12 Month Guarantee.



The Gecko Mandala Papercutting Art, why would I decide to design and make a gecko?  I love them! their feet are amazing! Did you know a gecko can stick its feet to anything? Except for dry Teflon! Cool eh, they can detach their tails too, which means I can mess up on the tails of the gecko mandala papercutting art and won’t have to make it again! win, win!

This piece will be hand cut on to a single piece of paper, floating over a beautiful backing, which allows amazing shadows to be cast on the backing in the right light.

To order your own Mandala Gecko Papercutting Art simply select your options from the drop-down boxes.

  • Frame Size: This design is available in both A4 and A3.
  • Frame Colour: Black or White (This is the colour of the frame)
  • Papercut Colour: Black or White (this is the colour of the artwork)
  • Backing Colour: A selection of 40 Colours, colour swatches are in the product listing and on the Frames & Backing Page
    • Please look for the colour you want, and the number displayed above is the Backing Colour number in the drop-down.

When selecting your colours it’s best to use contrasting colours. Contrasting colours will make your finished product pop and be a real talking point in the home.
Cara-Lou holds no responsibility for your colour choices, however, we can discuss colour options further if you are unsure, we strive to give you the best service you require, allowing you to feel comfortable in what you are ordering.

If you would like to order something similar, or completely different for that matter, please contact us to order. Have an idea for an animal mandala design? contact me and let me know, I am always looking for new inspiration.

*Please note: Colours may vary from those displayed due to screen display settings*

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Additional information

Frame Size

A4, A3

Frame Colour

Black, White

Papercut Colour

Black, White

Backing Colour

1 Bianco (White), 2 Crema (Cream), 3 Banana, 4 Sahara, 5 Zabaione (Honey), 6 Mandorla (Tan), 7 Terra Di Sienna (Raw Sienna), 9 Caffe (Coffee), 11 Verduzzo (Light Green), 12 Prato (Meadow), 13 Salvia (Sage), 14 Muschio (Moss Green), 15 Marina (Felt), 16 Polvere (Light Blue Grey), 17 Cart Da Zucchero, 18 Adriatico (Adriatic), 19 Danubio (Danube), 20 Limone (Lemon), 21 Arancio (Orange), 22 Vesuvio (Vesuvius), 23 Amaranto, 24 Viola (Purple), 25 Rosa (Rose), 26 Perla (Grey Pearl), 27 Lama (Felt Rose Grey), 28 China (Felt Grey), 29 Nebbia (Felt Fog), 30 Antracite (Charcoal), 31 Nero (Black), 32 Brina (Felt Light Grey), 33 Violetta (Violet), 37 Biliardo (Forest Green), 39 Indigo, 40 Avorio (Ivory), 41 Rosso Fuoco (Fire Red), 42 Blu Notte (Night Blue), 43 Pistacchio, 44 Oro (Gold), 45 Iris, 46 Acqua Marina (Sea Water)


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