Blue Butterfly Hydrangea Papercutting Art Collaboration


  • Size: A4
  • Edition: either 1-5 of 5
  • Finished with a handmade Cara-Lou plaque on the reverse.
  • Certificate of authenticity included.
  • 12 Month Guarantee.

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Myself and the wonderfully talented Sue, from Sue Roche Illustrations, have teamed up and combined our wealth of artistic experience.

Together, we bring you this extraordinary collaborative art piece.

There’s something sentimental about hydrangea. Their classic beauty and enduring style have made them popular in gardens and bouquets for as long as we can remember.

Now, you can own a Butterfly Hydrangea all to yourself, a showstopper piece hanging in your home for years to come.

Sue is a phenomenal artist, creating many popular pieces over her career, one caught my eye, and after a bit of discussion, the journey began.

Over 8 hours, with great care and thoroughness, a copy of the original butterfly hydrangea art is carved away from a single sheet of paper, using a surgery grade scalpel and a steady hand, ensuring every detail is captured.

Once cut the design hovers in the centre of a frame, allowing the most exquisite shadows to cast over the striking backing paper.

The backing paper for these special pieces are lovingly hand painted by Sue featuring a red or blue starry night design that allows the hydrangea a home in exquisite surroundings.

With each cut and each backing being completed handmade each time, it means each of the 10 available are different in small individual ways.

This breathtaking A4 cut is available in limited numbers

5 Blue and 5 Red.


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