Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of the most common questions I get asked, if you have any further comments please contact me

Do you hand cut everything?

Yup, I certainly do. If you join me on my Facebook Page, you will see me regularly cutting designs on a live feed where you can ask me questions and natter.

What are paper cut commissions?

and much more

They can be as personal as you wish with lots of details to mark the Special Occasion.

How long does it take?

Creating a papercut design can vary in time dramatically, from previous experience an entire design and cut can take anything from a few hours to create up to a week.

I would advise when requesting a commission quote to specify if you have certain time restrictions for the order, Ideally, the sooner you order, the better.

What can you have on a design?

rainbow family tree papercutting artIn terms of what you can have in a commission: the possibilities are endless. For example:

Family or Friends,
Special Places,
and any other details you consider important.

How will we work together?

We will communicate via email, social media messaging or via the phone if you prefer. The final proofs will need to be sent electronically for you to sign off and approve, this is to ensure the spellings/final details are perfect.

What are the best colours?

rainbow motorbike papercutting art

Have a think about what colours you would like. Contrasting colours work best as they emphasise the finer details of the paper cut but other colours can be used, after all, it is your design.

All Cara-Lou designs are cut using the signature rainbow paper, for photography all our cuts get mounted over number 30 charcoal backing paper.

Other papers can be selected, and we can provide a mock-up of your chosen backing colours to help you decide.


Can I order personal commissions for my shop?

I’m open to discussion on this so please contact me to discuss.