#ClubCaraLou FAQ

If you have any further questions which are not outlined above, drop us an email at emma@caraloucuts.co.uk


How will I receive my commission?

Your #ClubCaraLou Commission will be paid in Store Credits and added to your Cara-Lou Paper Cuts Account.

Do My Credits Expire?

No, they can be saved up and used when you like.

I see my commission rate, and commission earned, but how do I spend it?

When you want to use your store credits, Contact Us and request your voucher. The Friday after you ask you will receive your Store Credit. E.g. if you ask for a payout on Monday 1st, you will have your voucher on Friday 5th.

Do I have to spend my Store Credit voucher in one transaction?

No, your store credit voucher will take off the amount you spend until there is nothing left. E.g. if your voucher is for £100 and you spend £20 your voucher will have £80 remaining.

What can I spend my Store Credit on?

Anything on the website or commission pieces. The only things not covered are Gift Vouchers, Shipping and other promotions.

How will I know if my referral has purchased?

When your referral has completed their purchase, it will appear in your #ClubCaraLou dashboard, where you can see any pending commission payments. The commission will always be shown as the cash percentage, even though we pay in store credit, but don’t worry – you’ll get the correct percentage of store credit when it’s transferred.

Is there a cap on how much I can earn?

No, the more friends you refer, the more pounds in your account.

Why don't you accept everyone?

It helps if our club members are familiar with our products to help them create successful referrals. We want to make sure that the people representing our brand know and love our products just as much as we do.

Do I have to pay to sign up?

No, there’s no joining fee, and we’ll help you get started with an awesome Facebook Group for #ClubCaraLou Members.

Am I tied in at all?

No, if you decide that it’s not for you then that’s no problem, just let us know and we can remove you from #ClubCaraLou.

Do I have to hit targets?

No, you can use #ClubCaraLou as you wish, some people will go all out and build up an amazing commission in a short space of time, others may have a more relaxed approach and get commissions slower, however you wish to use #ClubCaraLou is at your discretion.

Do I post my referral link everywhere?

No! We don’t want to come across as spamming when you join the group there are some guidelines on how best to generate referrals.

I haven't been accepted, can I apply again?

Absolutely, there are many reasons for not being accepted into #ClubCaraLou, this doesn’t mean we don’t want you, try again in a few months and you may just be successful.