The Home of Cara-Lou

Home of Cara-Lou

Silly moments make the best  memories

Hey Friend!
*Insert vigorous wave*

Welcome to the Home of Cara-Lou, First of all, thank you for swinging by and taking time out of your day to get to know me and my little biz.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the most important part. I adore coffee and cake, without it, I’d be lost, so grab a cuppa and your favourite slice and allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Emma, oppisite in the bottom left of the silly pic! I’m a self-confessed rainbow addict, mandala loving, typography techie, and I ain’t afraid to show it!

I have OCD therefore I have an eye for the perfect lettering, an obsessive fixation for symmetrical designs and a love of poetry and rhymes. (See what I did there?)

So, when I found papercutting in 2015, it was the perfect way to combine it all and Cara-Lou Paper Cuts was born.

Home of Cara-Lou

Where the magic happens

Where it all happens.

From my home studio, (That probably sounds much better than a converted dining room) I design and hand cut a range of art, mostly centred around the beauty and symmetry of the Mandala, but also incorporating my love of typography.

I offer a range of printed designs too to enable everyone, of every budget, to enjoy a Cara-Lou piece.

After all, I believe everyone should get to experience art.

Home of Cara-Lou

Yours truly demonstrating at an event

The real passion.

Most of all, my biggest passion is teaching, I want to pass on my super amazing skills (if I do say so myself) and wisdom to others, I get a kick out of seeing people succeed. So in addition to cutting, I created my Papercutting Starter Kit. It’s basically a huge lump of my brain on paper, (not literally as that’d just be a soggy mess) coupled with some super cool designs and all the tools needed to get you on your merry way.

Keep an eye out as in 18/19 I plan to launch my mother (I had visions of grabbing my Mum by her hair like Miss Trunchbull in Matilda!) of all Kits.

Be sure to Subscribe if you want to know the launch date before anyone else.



Home of Cara-Lou

My Sausage, Frankenstein

Free Time.

When I’m not designing or cutting, which, might I add, is rarely, you can find me snuggling my sausage, Frankenstein, the dog or helping to run my Husbands Martial Arts Business! I live in Greater Manchester with my Husband, Craig, (Chief Brew Maker) and My 2 daughters, Katie, 11 (Little Cara-Lou) and Kiera, 8 (Littlest Cara-Lou)

My plans for the future and world domination, as of June 2018:

I’ve got a new Silhouette Cutting Machine (I know! sacrilege to the hand cutting community) and I’ve been playing with making my designs in vinyl as I’d love to offer a range of vinyl stickers in the coming months.
I’d also like to offer a range of machine cut greeting cards too and possibly even pop up cards, but one step at a time eh, no running before I can walk and all that jazz.

As for world domination, I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know!

And that’s all from me, thanks again for stopping by the home of Cara-Lou.

Want to know more? contact me anytime for a natter, I mean it, I reply to all my lovely friends personally, (mainly due to me not big enough to hire staff yet!) But, who knows, you could be my first employee!

Watch this Space!
Emma x


Meet the rest of the Cara-Lou Paper Cuts Team…

Craig Connell

Craig Connell

Chief Brew Maker

Food and Drinks: Beans on Toast and White Wine
Hobby: Brazillian JiuJitsu
Job in everyday life: Martial Artist (Traditional Jujitsu)
A typical Saturday evening: Family Time and catching up on TV

Craig is the backbone of Cara-Lou, without him production would halt! Coffee is an important part of the design process and he keeps the supply in a nice steady flow!

April Sheppard

April Sheppard

Super Tester

Food and Drinks: Fish Finger Butties and Coffee
Hobby: Papercutting or Parchment Crafts, Motorbikes, Engines, and anything that produces a bit of speed too!
Job in everyday life: Salvage Yard Spanner Woman.
A typical Saturday evening: My parents mean the world to me, so I am usually found making sure Mum and Dad are ok and have everything for the week, cooking meals for the week. Once home it’s bath, relax, G&T and Papercutting.

April is the business Super Tester, She’s responsible for all the fiddly cuts, anything intricate that will cause a bit of a challenge and the need for swear words get sent over to April. I send lots of my designs over to April for her to test and make sure they are all ok before adding them to the shop. Papercutting templates need to be made cuttable without falling apart, April tests they work.

Emma Evans

Emma Evans

Rapid Tester

Food and Drinks: I don’t actually have a favourite food, but the drink is Fanta for sure.
Hobby: Papercutting and Reading
Job in everyday life: Papercutting
A typical Saturday evening: Usually spent Papercutting and nattering with the team.

Emma is the business Rapid Tester, She cuts at super lightning speed, If I need a design testing in supersonic time, Emma is my goto tester. I send lots of my designs over to Emma for her to test and make sure they are all ok before adding them to the shop. Papercutting templates need to be made cuttable without falling apart, Emma tests they work.

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