“It’s all in the Detail”


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Silly moments make the best memories

Hey Friend!

Emma here,

I’m a self-confessed rainbow addict, mandala loving, typography techie, and I ain’t afraid to show it!

Having OCD means I have an eye for the perfect lettering, an obsessive fixation for symmetrical designs and a love of poetry and rhymes. 

So, when I found papercutting art in 2015, it was the perfect way to combine it all and Cara-Lou Paper Cuts was born.



Where the magic happens

From my home studio, I design and hand cut a range of art, mostly centred around the beauty and symmetry of the Mandala, but also incorporating my love of typography.

I also offer a range of printed designs to enable everyone, of every budget, to enjoy a Cara-Lou piece. After all, I believe everyone should get to experience art.



My Sausage, Frankenstein

When I’m not designing or cutting, which, might I add, is rarely, you can find me snuggling my sausage, Frankenstein, the dog or helping to run my Husbands Martial Arts Business! I live in Greater Manchester with my Husband, Craig, aka Chief Brew Maker and My 2 daughters, Katie aka Little Cara-Lou and Kiera aka Littlest Cara-Lou.


My plans for the future and world domination, as of February 2018:

I have just got my hands on a Silhouette Cutting Machine and have been playing with making my designs in vinyl, so I’d love to offer a range of vinyl stickers.
I’d also like to offer a range of machine cut greeting cards too and possibly even pop up cards.
As for world domination, I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know!

                                                                  Watch this Space!
                                                                  Emma x