Little Princess Fathers Day DIY Template

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  • Resize to cut in any size
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Template Terms and Conditions

Templates are sold subject to the following conditions, please ensure you read all the terms and conditions before purchasing:


  1. You may use the template(s) designated for personal use to create end products for the following (templates will display whether they are for personal or commercial use)
    1. To keep for yourself
    2. To give as a gift to someone else (not including giving as donations)
      as many times as you like.
  1. You may use the template(s) designated for Commercial use to create end products for the following (templates will display whether they are for personal or commercial use)
    1. To keep for yourself
    2. To give as a gift to someone else
    3. To give as a gift/donation to a company/charity/organisation or business.
    4. To cut and sell the finished piece.
  2. On the internet, please give credit if you choose to:
    1. Post updates of your work
    2. Finished pictures of your work
    3. blog or share about my pages
      1. Website:
      2. Facebook:
  1. Add a designed by sticker on finished works to credit the designer of your work
    1. An example of this is Designed by Cara-Lou Paper Cuts, Cut by (your name)


  1. This is a digital download only and cannot be refunded.
  2. You can’t sell the template(s) in any format.
  3. You can’t share the template(s) with anyone else in any format.
  4. You can’t alter any part of the template(s)
  5. You can’t use any individual parts of the design(s) without obtaining my written consent.
  6. My designs can’t be duplicated by Tattoo Artists without obtaining my written permission first.
  7. You can’t use the template(s) as (or part of) a logo, business promotional material or anything other than its intended use. (not including photographs of your completed work)
  8. Regardless of which license you purchase you may not create any merchandise from the images or the finished product without the express permission of the designer (Cara-Lou Paper Cuts).
  9. These templates are not to be used for mass production.

10.You cannot convert the JPG into any other format without my obtaining my written consent.

  1. The template(s) may vary slightly from the photographs shown. The image on the wood background is a digital version of the finished design, and the cut versions have been produced by test cutters and represent a true likeness to your finished design.
  2. Cara-Lou Paper Cuts retain the copyright for the design(s) and template(s).
  3. The digital download for these templates will be in JPG format.
  4. Templates which require additional personalisation can be added by yourself or I can add a personalisation to it for an additional £1 per template edited.
  5. I do welcome any questions you may have and can be contacted via the website contact page or via Facebook.
  6. The Template designs can only be used for their intended use of hand papercutting.


  1. It is recommended that your finished papercut designs are not sold below £20
  2. Taking photographs of your work is best taken at an angle to avoid the designs being stolen and easily traced.
  3. Adding a watermark on your images can prevent others using your images.


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