My Mandala Story

I want to explain why I decided to focus on the mandala, I was at a point when I was unsure which way my art was taking me, desperate to discover my unique style, my niche, something that makes me stand out from everyone else.

I was at a complete loss with too many ideas and not enough clarity. The only way to get through the haze, was to take a step back, and evaluate, who I was? what makes me feel at peace?

my mandala story

An Old Doodle

After finding some old books dating back over 10 years, I noticed a pattern, I drew mandalas all the time: on hold, in school books, on bus tickets etc. and noticed each one, although similar, reflected my mood at the time of drawing.

I fought with all my might, for 4 years, to join the military, it took 4 years of medical appointments to finally succeed, but I noticed in my papers, a mandala drawing and I wrote, “it’s funny no matter what path I take I always come back to the same point”

Cutting a long story short, realising I could never join the military was like mourning a death. I was devastated, and my hopes and dreams were gone!

Now I had to create new ones, eventually Cara-Lou was born, my friend Sarah offered so much advice, and I realised mandalas meant so much to me, that’s when the penny dropped, it seems like a natural step to use them in my art, now I am growing again, in a different direction, but growing none the less with an enthusiasm to succeed and the military firmly behind me.

Did you know, Mandala’s are traditionally circular designs that reflect the wholeness of the person creating them, they are one of the richest visual objects, and are a symbolic picture of the universe?

My aim to is have my customers experience mandalas as a source of healing and wholeness in their life.

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